Work on YouTube

My work on Youtube

L. v. Beethoven, Mondscheinsonate 1. Satz / Moonlight Sonata 1st movement

I always wanted to be able to play the Moonlight Sonata - at least the 1st movement, which is still challenging enough for a self-taught musician like me. Fortunately, there are good teachers. 

Minimoog Voyager OS through a guitar FX pedal

Minimoog Voyager Oldschool, played through a Digitech RP155 guitar FX pedal. For cases you don’t find your guitar. 

HAPI steel drum improvisation

Messing around with a HAPI steel drum, tuned in E minor (pentatonic). 

Kill the King (online Rainbow collab)

Recreation of the live version of "Kill the King" from Rainbow's famous "On Stage" album.