In October 2014 I came across Bandhub by a "coincidence" via a music forum - and Bandhub fascinated me from the beginning. Being able to make music online with other musicians from all over the world was something that already existed, but Bandhub was completely different: recording video and audio simultaneously, live, raw and authentic. The possibilities were unlimited.

And musical friendships were made so quickly - it was as if the world had been waiting for Bandhub and the people who had become the soul of Bandhub. 

In those 4.5 years I played in 736 collabs, and each one was something special. Many thanks to all Bandhubbers! These collabs were more than just a piece of music, they were also a symbol for friendship, community, togetherness and love. 

Unfortunately BANDHUB was switched off on 15 March 2019 My special thanks go to Pablo and Marcelo, without whom Bandhub would not have existed and who created something extraordinary. I hope and wish that there is (whichever way) a future for the idea of Bandhub. 

THANK you BANDHUB for everything you gave to the world and to me!