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We are Kirine and Alf


We like to play, record and share music,
instrumental and vocal tracks, lyrics, thoughts.



Music is Magic.



Kirine and Alf were brought together through their mutual love of music. Both their personalities and their musical talents form a symbiotic connection.


The combination of Kirine's expressive and unique singing and her skilful handling of words, lyrics and several languages and Alf's ability to transform words and feelings into musical landscapes has resulted in musical experiences that are touching, exciting, dreamy, somehow different and often surprising.


Their music is as colorful and as multi-faceted as the world itself: the palette ranges from piano music, ballads, meditative music, blues, folk and rock to orchestral, spherical and also dark soundtracks. 


Besides composing their own pieces, the strength of Kirine and Alf is creating backing or karaoke tracks, original songs (e.g. based on existing lyrics), funny children's songs to sing along and join in and quiet lullabies. In addition, the instruments and technical capabilities of the Spektralfarben Studio allow the creation of instrumental and drum tracks, voice-overs, audiobooks, and generally editing, mixing and mastering of audio sources of any kind.


Music is magic.



  • Singing, lead and harmony vocals
  • Linguist and translator 
  • Tweaking lyrics
  • Singing in foreign languages
  • Voice-overs
  • Children songs, nursery rhymes, original music ...


  • Composing and arranging
  • Recording, mixing, and mastering

  • Certified Audio Engineer

  • Hammond organ, piano, synthesizers and other instruments
  • Professionally sounding drum tracks
  • Instrumentals, backing/karaoke tracks, soundtracks, original music ...


  • Projects we did together
  • Collaborations with friends


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Kirine and Alf are Spektralfarben-Music.


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Music is magic

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