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Kirine and Alf - together


Music is an universal language. Music expresses and produces emotions. Music unites.


Here are examples of collaborations we've done together.


There were just these emotional and very moving words from our friend Emma. They inspired us to this build-up leading to the powerful (and positive) ending... You can overcome!


- Lyrics: Emma Day

- Vocals: Kirine
- Music and all instruments: Alf


A spell with an ethereal sound, based on a musical idea that I've had in my mind for many many years. 


- Lyrics and all vocals: Kirine
- Music and all instruments: Alf


A beautiful collaboration, based on the song "Tycker om när du tar på mej" ("I like it when you're touching me") from Per Gessle's "Mazarin" album (2003).


- Vocals and English translation/transcription of lyrics: Kirine
- Keyboards and musical arrangement: Alf
- Painting: Kirine


"La E-Unón", a digital band and online collaborations with Alfredo Espino (founder and author of the lyrics). We've done several multi-language songs, see here the playlist on YouTube: La E-Unión


And here our latest song:


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