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My work on YouTube

Here are some covers and originals that I posted on YouTube.


Spektralfarben with Kirine - Summon


Once upon a time a girl invoked a moon spell to help her find her long lost true love. And it worked! Let yourself be enchanted by our original song, and may this moon spell bring you to your true love!


Composition and musical arrangement - Alf Schumacher

Lyrics and vocals - Kirine




Sing aloud how you want your life to be. Lyrics by Farah, on the instrumental of Pink Martini's Sympathique:


Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights and December (Bandhub covers)


My favorite two songs from this artist and also my favorite register to sing in. Sung and played LIVE on a musician's online platform... everyone in their own homes.


Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit (cover by Spektralfarben with Kirine)


A hard rock song can sound fresh and original, sung with soprano female vocals. Alf did an amazing job with the instrumental cover:



India Arie - He Heals Me (cover by Kirine)


One of the things I love is to challenge my voice. So here is my cover of this lovely song, in an alto register... but with my signature harmonies in all registers. The simple guitar instrumental was done by my friend, Levi.



English versions of Japanese anime songs


I've been told many times that I have an "anime" voice, and the truth is I do love animes and also the Japanese language and culture. Here are my English covers of two songs used as soundtracks in animes.



Cute and creepy


Because there's two sides to everything, my voice, as cute as it may sound, can also deliver creepy and chilling sounds. And I must confess that now and then I do need my weirdness/darkness fix.


You can find more of my work in the Together section.

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