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My work on YouTube

Here are some samples of the work I've done.


Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights (a bandhub cover)

A cover of my favorite song from one of my favorite artists; recorded live on the Bandhub platform, with hobbyist musicians from all around the world.


Ralf Ziesemer - You too can fly

A lovely colaboration with a hobbyist composer; I translated and tweaked this song from German into English, before recording it. 


La E-Union - Ni el punk

One of the songs I sang with my digital band, basically one big internet collaboration project. More about this in th Together section.

In Spanish and with a lovely anime video.

Baju Baju - Children songs

This is one of my favorite online collaborations. It's my work for a series of children youtube channels, presenting the same songs translated in various languages, showing that the fun and joy of childhood knows no boundries.

Here is a kindergarten song in Romanian (translated and tweaked from Polish).


Here is the same song in German. Translated, tweaked and sung by yours truly.



And the same song in Italian. Once again translated, tweaked and sung by me.


You can find more of my work in the Together section.

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