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My work on Soundcloud

'Tis Pity She's a Whore  - So Many Suitors

A pop opera by Todd  Squitieri, based on the omonimous 1633 play by John Ford. I play the character of Putana, the female lead's tutoress. This project is still in progress. 


Ich bin super (I am great) 

Here is a children's positive affirmations song with lyrics in German written by me.

Alf did the instrumentation on this one.

Pumk - Youtube Nick

I lent my vocals to this cool electronic song composed by an online musician. In English.

Owen Heritage - Tijuana Gia

A collaboration with a very talented musician on an original mariachi song, as part of a gig for one of my Fiverr customers. In Spanish.

Kirine - Ya Mohammad, Ya Nabi

A lovely Muslim worship song for children. Translated from French into English.

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