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"Summer Love"


Collaboration with dance music creator Raffael Ferraro: a Lolly Rave track featuring my baby-doll vocals.


"Only Mine"


Another collaboration with Raffael Ferraro: a Trance track featuring my chorals.


"Le Grand Bleu"


A lovely piano piece, composed by Juan Sanchez and featuring my vocals, in harmonic choral layers.


The Mercy Cage


This New Zeeland-based melodic elektro-darkwave band has recently launched a new album, Five Zeroes. If a "cyber-noir from the edge of the world" sound is what you're looking for, pay them a visit here: 

The Mercy Cage


It was my pleasure to collaborate with composer and lead singer Josh Wood, and do cute female vocals and creepy backing chorals. Check out the songs Nil for the former, and Five Zeroes for the latter.


Nil [Traces] (Featuring Kirine)

Five Zeroes (Featuring Kirine)



The "Weak: Machine Logic" E.P.

Before the release of this awesome EP, (which you can find here) containing various remixes of their song Weak, lead singer and producer Josh Wood allowed me to make my own choral, ethereal version of the song, which he then turned into this haunting, cinematic acappella arrangement. He also did this video for me.



And here is the amazing aforementioned acappella version:


La E-Union


Tenemos El Sol

One of the songs I sang with my digital band, basically one big internet collaboration project: lyricist Alfredo Espino, from Mexico, vocalist Kirine, from Romania and composer and musical arranger Alf Schumacher, from Germany. With contributors from the USA, China and Israel. And no one even had to leave their house to make these songs.


Ni El Punk

With a cute anime video, I only contributed with vocals to this one.




It's a fun experience being the female voice for London-based electronic band, Pumk2015. I love bringing life and cuteness to Mark Hopgood's texts and musical arrangements. Check out the songs and give a big like.


Boo Boo Bear: a "Daft Punk meets Kylie Minogue" kinda experience.



Next up, a multilingual project. Here is the French version of this song. 



Last, but not least, a cute love song with an 80's sound.


Todd Squitieri - Tis' Pity She's a Whore: A Pop Opera


Based on John Ford's classic tale of the same name, ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore: A Pop Opera is a modern musical re-telling of a brother and sister who fall in love and whose incest leads an entire kingdom to ruin. 

Author and composer Todd Squitieri has this to say to you: "You don 't want to miss this!"


On the album, I play and sing the part of Putana, a nurse of questionable morals... as her name suggests. 


Find the CD here:  Tispitypop, and keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming epic staging.


I leave you with the two songs I had the honor to interpret. Hear me belt out my first ever attempt at musical and singing in subtext:




Aktivierungscoach - German "Schlagers"


Here is my collaboration with Denis Geier, or Aktivierungscoach. What's really special about these typical German "Schlagers" is that I did the vocals first, while the instrumental was constructed around them. Take a listen!


Ralf Ziesemer - "You too can fly" and "Give me a smile"


A lovely colaboration with a hobbyist composer; I translated and tweaked these songs from German into English, before recording them. 


Slumberlords feat. Kirine - Someday


A dreamy song from Slumberlords, with soft vocals done by yours truly. 


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