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Projects and collaborations

Slumberlords feat. Kirine - Someday


A dreamy song, with soft vocals done by yours truly. 


La E-Union - Ni el punk


One of the songs I sang with my digital band, basically one big internet collaboration project. More about this in the Together section.

In Spanish and with a lovely anime video.



It's a fun experience being the female voice for London based electronic band, Pumk2015. I love bringing life and cuteness to Mark Hopgood's texts. Check out the songs and give a big like.


Boo Boo Bear: a "Daft Punk meets Kylie Minogue" kinda experience.



Next up, a multi-langual project. Here is the French version of this song. 



Check out also the remix... in German.



Last, but not least, a cute love song with an 80's sound.


The Mercy Cage


It was my pleasure to lend cute vocals and creepy backing chorals to New Zeeland industrial band, The Mercy Cage.

Check out the songs Nil for the former, and Five Zeroes for the latter.


Nil [Traces] (Featuring Kirine)

Five Zeroes (Featuring Kirine)


Ralf Ziesemer - "You too can fly" and "Give me a smile"


A lovely colaboration with a hobbyist composer; I translated and tweaked these songs from German into English, before recording them. 


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