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Children songs and nursery rhymes

One of my favorite things to do is sing kids' songs and nursery rhymes... in as many languages as I can. My voice is naturally very kid friendly and transmits a lot of positive energy.

Leigha Marina - nursery rhymes


We love collaborating with Dalibor's penguin themed children's channel, Leigha Marina, where Alf (instrumental arrangement and male vocals) and I (female vocals) are featured heavily. 


Little Magic Owl - Original kids songs in English


Little Magic Owl is the English version of a YouTube channel for kids in Portuguese, Corujinha Encantada. It features original songs teaching kids all sorts of things, and also fresh takes on classic nursery rhymes.

I had the honor of doing vocals for these cute songs and also making small adjustments to the adapted texts.

And here are two examples of what you can find there:


Baju Baju TV - Multilingual Children Songs


This is one of my favorite online collaborations. It's a pleasure working with Marcin Dryja and his talented team of musicians and animators!

These youtube channels present original and traditional kids songs, in various languages, showing that the fun and joy of childhood knows no boundries.


I work with the Romanian, German and Italian channels, both translating and singing the songs.


For the Romanian channel, click here:  Paradisul Vesel TV


And here is one of the songs you can find there:

For the German channel, click here  Kinderwelt TV


And here is one of the songs you can find there:

For the Italian channel, click here Canzoni per bambini


And here is one of the songs:

I occasionally also work with the English channel:

Little Sponges - Bilangual Immersion Language School


Little Sponges is a web-based platform which enables personalized learning on any device for children ages 2-8 years old. 

It offers an bilingual curriculum using real-life videos and interactive games to teach young students listening, speaking, and reading skills in multiple languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, and Russian. 

I worked on songs in English, French, Spanish and German, both translating and doing vocals. Here are some examples:

Goldige Freunde - German nursery rhymes and more


Visit Goldige Freunde for traditional German nursery rhymes, sung by yours truly.

This channel is ever growing and will soon feature also original educational songs, teaching little kids how to behave and interract with the world around.

Here are some examples of what you can find here: 

I occasionally also work with their English channel, both translating and singing songs. Here is an English version for the traditional German nursery rhyme, Alle Meine Entchen: 

Kids songs in Serbian


It was the funniest experience to sing in a language that I don't actually speak. Nailed it, nevertheless.


On lyrics by Milan Duka, and with instrumentation done by Alf.  


And because it was a success, we did another one:


For more fun collaborations with children channels and language schools, visit the TOGETHER section.

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