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Home studio
I'm very grateful for having the possibility to have a very musical living room :D
Uhl X3-2 organ
Sounds like a classic electromechanical tonewheel organ
plus a Leslie speaker cabinet - with less than 17 kg!
Unfortunately Mr Uhl has stopped his production in 2018. Inside the organ works the
state-of-the-art HX-3 engine from keyboardpartner.de that is still available and maintained.
(Photo: UHL Instruments) 
Minimoog Voyager Old School
A monophonic analog synthesizer. No MIDI, no USB, no memory, no menus - only knobs and buttons. One of approx. 700 items ever made. Built like a tank. I think I will have it forever...
If you like the classic warm warm Moog sound there's aren't many synths out there. I even dismissed the new Sub 37 (a fantastic instrument with endless possibilites) because of its "modern" and in my ears rather "harsh" sound. Whereas I also liked the sound of the Slim and later the Little Phatty that I had before the Voyager (both sounded almost like the big Moog only with 2 oscillators and a very poor user interface).
OK, now it has MIDI IN thank to Rudi Linhard :) 
Nord Lead Anniversary Edition
A polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer. Ideal for warm pads and aggressive lead sounds. And the morphing function is simply genious!
One of exactly 299 items ever built. 
Korg Pa3X Le
What: an arranger keyboard for "serious" composing and production?
Yes, of course! It's great for jamming and getting inspired, it's providing super-realistic sounds that allow very expressive playing (i.e. acoustic guitars, brass, woodwind...) and it's a "musical army knife" to create song structures for children songs or other genres very easily.
Furthermore its 76 keyboard with aftertouch is one of the best I know.
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