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Home studio
I'm very grateful for having the possibility to have a very musical living room :D
There's a new synth in town
I definitely needed an analogue synthesizer again (after having sold my Moog some time ago). After a "painful" period of research and several tests I ended up with the brand new Sequential TAKE 5, a litte but powerful polyphonic analogue synth. Beside its 2 analog VCOs and the analog LP filter it provides a versatile modulation matrix that invites to create quite complex and lively sounds. Yet, the synth is very easy to program and to use.    
New nearfield monitor speakers
The Neumann KH 120 monitor speakers were a huge improvement for my studio. Their neutrality, transparency, spaciousness and clarity are indescribable.  
Uhl X3-2 organ
Sounds like a classic electromechanical tonewheel organ
plus a Leslie speaker cabinet - with less than 17 kg!
Inside the organ works the state-of-the-art HX-3 engine from keyboardpartner.de and in the meantime there's even an X4 organ with built-in Neo Ventilator (I'm using the Ventilator 1 as an external effect).
(Photo: UHL Instruments) 
Nord Stage 3 Compact
Due to the fact that we are thinking of playing also live for an audience I definitely needed a great sounding all-in-one instrument. And the Nord Stage 3 is one of the best of type: a piano, an organ and virtual analog synthesizer. Superb built quality, super easy to use and program and it weighs only 10 kg.
Korg KRONOS 2 (61)
The ultimative all-in-one workstation with an icredibly wide variety and great sound quality.
I think it will take years to discover all functions!
Nord Lead A1
A polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer. Ideal for warm pads, all kind of lead sounds and mysterious effect sounds. It's such a "musically" sounding synth, and Clavia's unique morphing function is simply genious! 
Korg Pa3X Le
What: an arranger keyboard for "serious" composing and production?
Yes, of course! It's great for jamming and getting inspired, it's providing super-realistic sounds that allow very expressive playing (i.e. acoustic guitars, brass, woodwind...) and it's a "musical army knife" to create song structures for children songs or other genres very easily.
Furthermore its 76 keyboard with aftertouch is one of the best I know.

Sold instruments

Minimoog Voyager Old School (sold)
A monophonic analog synthesizer. No MIDI, no USB, no memory, no menus - only knobs and buttons. One of approx. 700 items ever made. Built like a tank.
If you like the classic warm warm Moog sound there's aren't many synths out there. I even dismissed the new Sub 37 (a fantastic instrument with endless possibilites) because of its "modern" and in my ears rather "harsh" sound. Whereas I also liked the sound of the Slim and later the Little Phatty that I had before the Voyager (both sounded almost like the big Moog only with 2 oscillators and a very poor user interface).
OK, now it has MIDI IN thank to Rudi Linhard :) 
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