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Other projects and collaborations

2019/20: "Singsang - Lieder für Kinder". A Youtube channel with lovely children songs in German where I sing in several songs.


Here's the latest video about three funny Teddybärchen :D


2017: Collaboration with Avi Rosenfeld, a very creative and versatile composer and guitar player, together with a couple of other fantastic musicians. Here two tracks of his latest digital album "Comin' To You" where I had the opportunity and pleasure to add organ tracks:



Both tracks:

Avi Rosenfeld - Guitars, Music, Lyrics 

Alf Schumacher - UHL X3-2 organ

(other musicians: see the links)


See Avi's webpage here (click here)

2014+2015: Collaborations on Soundcloud with Gordon Midgley, a very skilled and creative guitar and bass player from England. He writes and playes a big variety of music and it was always a pleasure to combine our ideas.


See here two of Gordon's Soundcloud profiles: gordon_m and Napier's Bones

Collaborations with Myriam Guyot, a great voice and very likeable person from Israel.

See here Myriam's YouTube channel "Meyolia".


10/2016: "Manguina"


Music, lyrics and vocals: Myriam Guyot

Musical arrangement, all instruments, mixing and mastering: Alf


03/2016: Piano track for a cover version of "Katonti" with Myriam Guyot.


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