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Bandhub (inactive)


Here was my profile on Bandhub.

Bandhub.com was a "magic" platform for connecting musicians

and for making music online and worldwide. Perhaps there will be a new Bandhub in the future...


Look here for some "history": Bandhub


YouTube channel 


My channel on YouTube


Gary's Trumpet Transcriptions


Trumpet Charts transcribed by my Bandhub friend Gary Badger.

Free for you to use as you please.




Manufacturer of premium-quality digital tonewheel organs that sound incredibly realistic.




Specialist for analog Synthesizers, Minimoog LMC MIDI Interfaces and Memorymoog LAMM Upgrades, repairs for Moog and Voyager Modifications.

Rudi has built his own LMC2 MIDI interface into my Moog Voyager Old School in order to connect it to my PC/DAW. 




Creator and designer for unique skins for Samplitude / Sequoia DAWs. I prefer the Birdline skins to the original Samplitude skins because they are much clearer and more user-friendly, simply better.



... to be continued

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