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Here are more or less interesting musical impressions, things and thoughts ...

A short and direct comparison, using the digital Hammond clone from Uhl Instruments and two different rotary simulations: the internal simulation and an external, the "Ventilator" from Neo Instruments (ver. 1).


1st part: internal sim
2nd part: Neo Instruments Ventilator


All other settings are the same.


Moog vs. Clavia/Nord - Analog vs. Virtual Analog.


A quick comparison of a typical lead sound to show how similar the analog Moog Voyager and the virtual analog Nord Lead A1 are sounding. Clavia did a great job and the A1 makes a lot of fun.


- Sounds: two-oscillator sawtooth, low pass filter fully opened

- Effects: pingpong delay and reverb (Moog external, Nord internal FX section)


"Hammond madness", again with the Uhl X3-2 organ + "Ventilator" from Neo Instruments.


Some short videos to demonstrate the sound of the UHL Instruments X3-2 organ (v4.25)



The "Omega" stand from K&M is one of the few stands that can carry 3 keyboards; it's very stable and it also can be adjusted in many ways to meet your requirements. Furthermore it's looking quite good in the studio environment.


Sometimes it's the detail ;)


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