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Music is like painting -

with an invisible and endless spectrum of colours which

can't be seen, only heard and felt.

Hi, my name is Alf and I'm a composer and musician. 


I grew up with Classic and Progressive Rock (Deep Purple, Rainbow, Genesis, ELP ...) but I listen to and play a wide variety of music from Blues, Folk, ballads, meditative music to classical music.


I play and record "Hammond" organ, piano and synthesizers (both hardware and software) and I also have basic guitar, bass, percussion and drums skills.


For recording in my home studio I'm using Samplitude Pro X3 as DAW and I can provide professionally sounding drum tracks made with toontrack's SuperiorDrummer 3.


If you like my music or are interested in a collaboration or if you would like to have some assistance with your own projects just contact me

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